Shade Tobacco Museum

For about 100 years Havana and Gadsden County, Florida, produced the outer wrapper for most of the world’s fine cigars. That crop dominated the economy and daily life of Havana.

The Havana History & Heritage Society has created the Shade Tobacco Museum to share the history and heritage of this community that many are proud to call their hometown.

This guided tour of the Museum will educate newcomers and provoke strong memories in those who have called Havana home. Exhibits in the museum describe and illustrate the cultivation, harvest, stringing and curing of tobacco, as well as the production of cigars. You can learn the stories of Havana’s churches, schools and businesses such as fuller’s earth, Havana Canning Company, May Nursery and Planter’s Exchange. Audio narration and numerous photos will give you an engaging glimpse of Havana’s heritage.

This tour will guide your visit in the Museum or provide a virtual tour where ever you care to visit.